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Press release

Jewellery Siberia – 2019 Exhibition Took Place in Novosibirsk

From 28 February till 3 March, Jewellery Siberia – 2019 exhibition was held in the Novosibirsk Expo Center. One of the biggest sectoral shows, which united at its venues manufacturers of jewellery, distributors, professional buyers and leading designers, became the most beautiful event in the region and attracted the attention of citizens and guests of the Novosibirsk city.

Objects of the Jewellery  Siberia – 2019 display included brand new collections of classic and designer fineries from over 80 companies, works of the leading designers from Russia, Latvia, Armenia, Italy, Israel, USA, Thailand and other countries. The diversity of goods at the exhibition and the range of designer solutions could captivate even the most creative imaginations. More than 10,000 pieces of jewellery in one place at one time. Everything from diamonds to mother-of-pearl, from gems to enamel, from pearls to phianite.

The following companies took part in the exhibition for the first time:

  1. SilverOK, Kubachi Silversmithing Factory, Makhachkala – flatware and tableware, chains and bracelets made of silver. Real masterpieces that impressed by their fine engraving with national motives and proficient blackening.
  2. Angelika Trading house, Yekaterinburg – fineries made of gold and silver with framed natural Ural demantoid garnet.
  3. Yelizaveta, Saint-Petersburg – the biggest factory in Russia in terms of creation of artistic Orthodox Christian jewellery finery.
  4. Yenisei Jewellery Factory, Krasnoyarsk – they presented products with large exclusive gems with interesting cutting, elements of handmade work and filigree.
  5. Nevsky-T, Saint-Petersburg – they presented designer commercial finery made of silver.
  6. Pokrova, Moscow – jewellery finery with Orthodox Christian themes.
  7. Edelweiss, Samara – jewellery finery made of gold and silver.
  8. YUSON, Stavropol – products from distributors of jewellery finery from Russia, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy.
  9. Yahont Yuvelir, Moscow – collections of in-house manufacturing made of gold and silver.

There are Atoll Jewellery  Factory, Kostroma Jewellery  factory Delta, L-Silver, Stile Italiano, David, Art-Bazaar, Amur Jewellery  Factory, Alpha Jewellery  Company, Baltiyskie Uzory, Geya, Darvin Jewelry, Zlata Jewellery  factory, Tomgem, Kierge, Gold Master, Krasnaya presnya Jewellery  factory, Casting House, Krasnoselskiy Yuvelirprom, Crystals of Siberia, Pavlina, Polet, Russkie Samorodki, Saint-Petersburg Jewellery Factory (Primossa), Souvenirs of Baltika, YuvelirOptTorg, Yuveliry Rossii, Yantarnoe Siyanie, Yantar Plus and other companies from 20 cities of Russia.

On the opening day, 28 February, there was a roundtable “Jewellery Sector of Siberia: Problems and Prospects” held at the venue of the exhibition. The discussion of the most vital questions in the sector was organized by the Executive Committee of the Siberian Agreement, Inter-regional Association, Western Siberian State Inspectorate of the Instrument Surveillance of the Russian State Chamber for the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, and Siberian Exhibition Company LLC. Representatives of state authorities, manufacturers of Jewellery finery and trading organizations, non-governmental business associations, scientific and educational institutions and experts took part in the work of the roundtable.

Following the results of the meeting it was decided to hold inter-regional meetings concerning the activity of the Jewellery branch annually within the frameworks of the exhibition “Jewellery  Siberia”.

On 1 March, there was a unique premiere of the Shining designer’s project at the venue of the exhibition. It was an open demonstration photo shooting and a show with the participation of the leading actresses of Novosibirsk theatres: Daria Yemelianova, Irina Krivonos, Klaudia Kachusova (Red Torch Theater). Linda Akhmedzianova, a famous actress from the Red Torch Theater and the author of photographs which can be found on the Internet under the VOGUE brand name, was the photo artist of the project. The stylist of the photo shooting was Olga Litvinenko who is well-known in the fashion world.

During the display, there were works shown by designers Michael Michaud, Anrea Marazzini and the collection Extasia and Patrice, brought to Siberia by the famous Soroka salon with elite bijouterie and accessories (Moscow).

On 2 March, there was master-class and a display of the stylist Natalie Carolyn (@Natali_Karolin) “Hairdos and Jewellery fashion for little princesses” for the first time at the venue of the Jewellery Siberia.

This display was shown by models, who, despite the young age, have experience of participation not only in displays but also take part in All-Russia festivals and beauty and talents contests. Katerina Tursukova, the most highly awarded young model of Russia, became the special guest. Among 35 international and Russian awards of the young star of fashion runways there are Child Super-Model of Russia – 2016 and Mini-Miss of the Russian Federation – 2017, Top Fashion Model International – 2018.

During the display the Delta Jewellery factory from Kostroma presented the whole family of jewellery finery for children – Delta Kids; the Pavlina company offered finery for children made of silver from the Animal Kids family, and the Darvin Jewelry factory brought finery for children having shapes of animals with amber and lots of earrings, bracelets and brooches for little princesses.

The same day, students who won the All-Russian competition of students’ conceptual design  Pavlov Jewellery Siberia were awarded. Works of the participants in the competition were estimated by a competent jury consisting of venerable jewellers, artists, sculptors, representatives of higher educational institutions and jewellery factories, members of the Alliance of Designers of Russia. The sponsor of prizes for awardees in 10 nominations was, according to the tradition, the ATOLL Jewellery Factory. Chairman of the jury, Sergey B. Mukharsky, honourable jeweller of the Carl Faberge Foundation, holder of the order of the Carl Faberge, representative of the artistic union of ornamental arts of the Eastern Siberia, said that this competition attracts more and more talented creative young people. This year, more than 150 students became its participants, and 10 awardees received valuable prizes. The competition is aimed at the development of creative skills of students, getting experience in design work in the field of jewellery designing among students of higher educational institutions and at promoting the most successful projects.

Also, on 2 March, there was prize drawing at the Jewellery Siberia for visitors of the exhibition sponsored by the largest Jewellery companies – Chrysolite network of jewellery salons, YuvelirOptTorg company and the Alpha Jewellery company (Moscow).


Winners of the lottery were awarded money certificates, golden and silver jewellery finery and pendants with diamonds.


The Jewellery Siberia – 2019 was attended by more than 4,500 visitors.


The organizer of the exhibition: Siberian Exhibition Company Limited Liability Company (SVK LLC)

Venue: Novosibirsk Expo Center, Stantsionnaya street 104