• Venue:
  • Centre Expo Exhibition Company, LLC
  • Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya Street, 104
  • Organizer:
  • ExpoEvents LLC
  • Tel. +7 (383) 304-81-55



“Every visitor here is in tune for buying something,” says Rais M. Nurislamov, Director of Yenisei Jewellery Factory, about Jewellery Siberia

We have not attended this exhibition for five years and decided to take part in it again. As we have some clients here with whom we need to work. We have some friends here, and we are glad to see them. At the exhibition, we meet new people, and I am sure that they will become out good friends too who will visit us at Jewellery Siberia every year. By the way, it is surprising that there are so many visitors here.


Frankly speaking, we did not believe much that people would come so far, to a suburb of the city specially to a jewellery exhibition. I am glad our forecasts were wrong. I see it with my own eyes now that Jewellery Siberia is popular among those who live in Novosibirsk. And, frankly speaking, I consider this remotedness from the city centre as an advantage of the exhibition. There are no idly working people. If a person decides to come here, he understands why, he sets the aim for what he or she wants to buy and at what price. That means, in our case, every visitor intends to buy something and the main thing is to help him find what he wants.


We liked working at the Jewellery Siberia, and we have already sent an application for the participation next year.