• Venue:
  • Centre Expo Exhibition Company, LLC
  • Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya Street, 104
  • Organizer:
  • ExpoEvents LLC
  • Tel. +7 (383) 304-81-55

For private visitors

Jewellery Siberia’ll suits you if you’re:

  • Looking for jewelry on the occasion of a special celebration that will not be found in other stores of the city (engagement, wedding, anniversary of living together, birthday, Women’s Day)
  • Guest in our city and think how interesting it is to spend the weekend and choose concise gifts that your family will like
  • Appreciating the quality and style and know how to emphasize this with jewelry, accessories, dishes and interior decoration.
  • Going to buy a rare collector’s item

Why visit?

  • Buy a quality item among a unique range of jewelry and stones from all over Russia everything you need is collected in one pavilion exhibition.
  • You save time, focus on the selection and save finances, as you can purchase at special producer prices or stocks
  • In the conditions of open competition, it is easier to make a bargain
  • Pleasant pastime with the family before the holidays for the choice of gifts

Rational benefits:

  • To select jewellery from manufacturers and trading companies from all over Russia on a single site, such products are not represented in the jewelry networks of the Novosibirsk shopping center)
  • The ability to purchase the product at a bargain price (producer prices, promotions, discounts)
  • Choose single jewelry, highlight your style among  different collections in one place.
  • Buy gifts for the holidays beloved women
  • Learn about trends
  • Get industry expert consultation and specialized service

Special atmosphere of
” Siberia Jewellery ” allows you to

  • In a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere make a choice of jewelry, after consulting with experts and loved ones
  • Create a new image, try on yourself any Jewellery and diamonds
  • Buy gifts for loved ones on a special occasion
  • Delight your beloved women on the eve of  Women’s Day
  • To highlight your status with unique and exclusive Jewellery
  • Visit the most beautiful exhibition on the eve of Spring
  • Get the pleasure of shopping
  • Make beautiful photos for social networks