• Venue:
  • Centre Expo Exhibition Company, LLC
  • Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya Street, 104
  • Organizer:
  • ExpoEvents LLC
  • Tel. +7 (383) 304-81-55



“Siberia was and still is an attractive region for jewellers,” says Irina Yu. Voronina, General Director of TM Soroka

This year, your exhibitions looks much livelier to me. I have many different emotions from Jewellery Siberia, and I would, of course, like to share with you what I saw and felt. I am very glad that some creative ideas appeared here at the exhibition including the photo opportunities using jewellery products of the exhibitors, children’s jewellery fashion show – all that is very good. I think it’s high time to ‘explode’ your Novosibirsk in a good way. An exhibition that is held once a year and to which companies from all cities and even from other countries come has to be a magnificent event! The more especially as it is held in the sweetest period – before the Women’s Day. Women need to get ready for this holiday in advance, to anticipate it, look forward to it, as it happens in other cities. So, we wish the organizers further creative success, wonderful new ideas, opportunities to surround yourselves with energetic, talented and creative people. I wish you success and again success! And I am sure many companies will come to the exhibition. Siberia was and still is an attractive region for jewellers.