• Venue:
  • Centre Expo Exhibition Company, LLC
  • Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya Street, 104
  • Organizer:
  • ExpoEvents LLC
  • Tel. +7 (383) 304-81-55



“They know us here, wait for us and are always glad to see us,” says Yury Miroshin, DARVIN Jewellery Studio

It’s not the first time we participate in the jewellery exhibition in Novosibirsk. We have come here for five years already. For us, both retail and wholesale are successful here. They know us here, they wait for us and are always glad to see us. We have regular retail customers here in Siberia – they come here, to the exhibition in Expo Centre and tell us they’ve been waiting for a year to see us, and, finally, we have come.


Wholesale goes well too – we are satisfied with the results every year and this time we are not disappointed either. So, we have wonderful impressions. We were, of course, very disappointed to hear that they had wanted to close the exhibition, it would have been a shame to lose this exhibition.


But then good news came – an invitation to participate in Jewellery Siberia, and we were very glad. 


The operation of the exhibition during the first spring days is the main impression from it. As it is the best place in Siberia if compared with all the places on the territory east of the Urals. Here, the quality of services provided to the exhibitors and the result of our work with exhibition visitors are the best. So, we are going to come here again next year for sure.