• Venue:
  • Centre Expo Exhibition Company, LLC
  • Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya Street, 104
  • Organizer:
  • ExpoEvents LLC
  • Tel. +7 (383) 304-81-55



“This year, there are very many wholesale customers here,” says Tatyana M. Orekhova, head of the Marketing Department of Krasnaya Presnya Privolzhsky Jewellery Factory CJSC about the exhibition

We came to the exhibition with one big purpose – to show our products to wholesale and retail customers. I think that everything went well for us this year. We are regular participants of the Jewellery Siberia exhibition, we have participated in it for over 15 years already, but this year, because of the change of the owner, we had some doubts. We were thinking for some times whether we should participate in it or not. Now we are very glad that the top managers decided to come to Novosibirsk and support the project. Surprisingly, or maybe it should be so, the exhibition turned out to be even better than during the previous years. I am saying that based on the results of our work here. As in addition to the fact that they always fulfil all requirements of the exhibitors exactly and carefully, the transportation companies are always punctual being respectful to our time and taking into consideration all our wishes.


This year, they also had a good advertising campaign for the exhibition, as far as we understand, because we had never had so many wholesalers at out booth. And we are very glad about it. Saturday was a good retail day – we stayed at the stand all the time actively working without any breaks. By the way, it always surprised me that the place where the exhibition is held is very far from the retail, and it is a bit difficult to get here in my opinion, but still, there are many visitors virtually always, especially at our booth. We value Novosibirsk public very much and always try to come here. As they like Krasnaya Presnya’s products, it is well-known, of high quality and is affordable, so there are many people at our stand as a rule. We, of course, have a small representation in Novosibirsk, but they don’t have such a big range of products. We bring the best things as a rule here, to the exhibition.


We thank those who did not lose the Jewellery Siberia, it is very important for us and for our clients. We will try to become participants in our jewellery exhibition next year too.