“I liked it all here,” says Andrey Khomich, Fane’s Company

It’s my first visit to Novosibirsk; I haven’t been here before and did not plan to come here. It was by chance that I came to the Jewellery Siberia exhibition, I had not planned to participate in it, but at some point of time the project seemed interesting to me, and I came here from Brazil to show people in Novosibirsk the South America jewellery style. I think I succeeded – I saw interest, people stop at our table, ask questions, buy something. The public turned out to respond well. I am also favourably impressed by the work of the exhibition organizers.


I have been to several similar regional venues, I can compare, and here the organization is the best one, I think. Even in Moscow, the organization was not as careful and coordinated as here. I liked the quality of the equipment, the speed and the quality of solving all organizational issues, well-organized catering and the building – I was impressed by the spacious and nice hall. I liked everything here.

“Siberia was and still is an attractive region for jewellers,” says Irina Yu. Voronina, General Director of TM Soroka

This year, your exhibitions looks much livelier to me. I have many different emotions from Jewellery Siberia, and I would, of course, like to share with you what I saw and felt. I am very glad that some creative ideas appeared here at the exhibition including the photo opportunities using jewellery products of the exhibitors, children’s jewellery fashion show – all that is very good. I think it’s high time to ‘explode’ your Novosibirsk in a good way. An exhibition that is held once a year and to which companies from all cities and even from other countries come has to be a magnificent event! The more especially as it is held in the sweetest period – before the Women’s Day. Women need to get ready for this holiday in advance, to anticipate it, look forward to it, as it happens in other cities. So, we wish the organizers further creative success, wonderful new ideas, opportunities to surround yourselves with energetic, talented and creative people. I wish you success and again success! And I am sure many companies will come to the exhibition. Siberia was and still is an attractive region for jewellers.

“They know us here, wait for us and are always glad to see us,” says Yury Miroshin, DARVIN Jewellery Studio

It’s not the first time we participate in the jewellery exhibition in Novosibirsk. We have come here for five years already. For us, both retail and wholesale are successful here. They know us here, they wait for us and are always glad to see us. We have regular retail customers here in Siberia – they come here, to the exhibition in Expo Centre and tell us they’ve been waiting for a year to see us, and, finally, we have come.


Wholesale goes well too – we are satisfied with the results every year and this time we are not disappointed either. So, we have wonderful impressions. We were, of course, very disappointed to hear that they had wanted to close the exhibition, it would have been a shame to lose this exhibition.


But then good news came – an invitation to participate in Jewellery Siberia, and we were very glad. 


The operation of the exhibition during the first spring days is the main impression from it. As it is the best place in Siberia if compared with all the places on the territory east of the Urals. Here, the quality of services provided to the exhibitors and the result of our work with exhibition visitors are the best. So, we are going to come here again next year for sure.

“Jewellery Siberia is the rare case when we retail,” says Tatyana P. Mets, head of the Sales Department of YuvelirOptTorg

We participate in this jewellery exhibition every year. And, we always try to find new wholesale customers at Jewellery Siberia as it is our main business. In addition, it is a rare case for those who live in Novosibirsk and visit it, when we retail and make all women happy with our collections.


Based on the results of the exhibitions, I can say that we have succeeded, we realized everything we had planned. We are satisfied with the result. Moreover, the exhibition this year was much better for us that the previous one. The average ticket is, of course, is not as high as we would like for it to be, but this has been the tendency of the past three or four years. We see it very well that people have much less money to spend now. But still, we offer jewellery that never goes out of fashion and never will, it will always be in demand, as women want to be beautiful at all times, they want to have elegant jewellery, people want to give their loved ones some nice presents, and no wedding cannot do without wedding rings, of course. So we are sure that jewellery will always sell, and that such exhibitions as yours will always attract the attention of wide audience. That is why we do not have any doubts about the participation in the exhibition. We will be one of is exhibitors in the future too.

“Our regular customers always look forward to the exhibition and try to come to our booth,” says Tatyana V. Pribytkova, merchandizer of the Chrysolite Jewellery Showroom Chain

We have participated in Jewellery Siberia for over ten years already, we have not missed a year, so we can say we feet at home here, we like this place and it returns this affection: it makes us rejoice about the active interest of the customers, new clients and meetings with old friends.


This year we came with the same aim as before – to work with wholesale and retail customers. We are glad we managed to fulfil both tasks. We had regular wholesale partners and our long-term fans from among city inhabitants and visitors. We could show them our new ideas and collections and explain all details about them.


The trend in the jewellery sector sales has been decreasing lately a little bit because real household income has diminished, but the interest in our products has not faded. Regular customers of Chrysolite always look forward to the exhibition and try to come to our booth. The exhibition also helps us find new customers and partners. Jewellery Siberia allows us to show ourselves as a brand, to tell people about our big company.


Next year we plan to work at this exhibition again. We have many sales outlets around the city, and it is very important for us that those who like jewellery do not forget about us.